ATSC Signal Digital TV Receiver for Car,Suitable for the USA Canada Mexico

  • $69.00 USD

1. ATSC mode Digital TV receiver
2. Reception frequency: 50MHz-810MHz
3. Video: 4 video input/output(Composite video CVBS)
4. Audio: 2 audio output(Double track stereo output)
5. Working voltage: DC 12V
6. Support automatic search, manual search, fast search function
7. Support EPG function
8. Reception sensitivity: 95dBm, -98.5dBm
9. Input impedance: 50 ohm
10. Power: DC 12V/1A
11. Color box(mm): 237x197x37
12. Gross weight: 0.5KG/PC

The receiver is suitable for United States,Canada,Mexico. But it does not support watching TV programs when the car is in motion, because of North America Governments do not allow the driver to watch TV when the car is moving, so they stopped producing ATSC-MH chips. At present can only use the ATSC chip to making the products, ATSC chipset does not support mobile signal. However, you can watch normal TV programs when the car is not moving.

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